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David Scott and Peter Oakford invite you to join them for their “Wine & Politics” evening to be held on Tuesday 26th September at the Scallywag Music Café commencing at 7.30pm. 

With Brexit negotiations underway, the new President of France, elections in Germany and a new UK budget looming with implications on health, care for the elderly, business rate changes there is much to discuss. In addition locally there are significant developments with the proposed theatre, the cinema site, etc as well as issues about parking, congestion and There’s never been a more interesting time to discuss politics in a relaxed venue over a drink or two!

To book your place at what promises to be a popular event please contact David Scott at or by phone on 01892 701950. There is no charge to attend this event, however, prior notification to ascertain numbers would be appreciated. 


There is no set agenda or set speeches. Topics are those raised on the day to reflect current local, national and international events.

The aim is to encourage open discussion with as many people able to comment as possible without a single person or view point dominating.

No insults, shouting or defamatory language will be tolerated. Any person engaging in such will be required to leave.

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