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Murder Mysteries

368 is a professional theatre company that has been performing murder mystery events since 1996, in a variety of venues, including pubs, restaurants, theatres, village halls, hotels, at private dinner parties, on a steam train, in a manor house and at Arundel Jailhouse. 


A new murder script is written every month, set in the same village (rather like ‘Midsomer Murders’!) which attracts a regular loyal following keen to see ‘what happens next’!


The participants are welcomed into the venue by a team of colourful characters.  A murder occurs, the police are called, and, during the evening the participants are invited to help solve the mystery in teams.  The team with most clues at the end of the evening gets a bottle of bubbly!



"They say it’s adversity that brings people together – and there is nothing more unsettling than having an American TV show host shot to death in front of you while you are in the process of dissecting a prawn. The murder mystery itself was well constructed – in the best traditions of Agatha Christie, every clue was scrupulously presented amongst all the red herrings... 368 Theatre Company staged a stunning performance which cleverly combined some serious and convincing acting with a light, soufflé style approach. Very appropriate."





“Absolutely amazing night. So funny. Great staff, great fun with VERY talented actors. The host was charming. Highly recommend this evening . I have been to a comedy night here and not sure which evening was funnier !”




“ What can I say, we had a fantastic night. The actors were well rehearsed, brilliantly funny and very quick.......I am still laughing as I type this, the morning after. The story was quick, easy and hilarious.....plenty of audience interaction with the murder suspects...brilliant. If only it was not fully booked, we would be going back next month...”

TRIP ADVISOR, Arundel Jailhouse


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