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This world class lady is recognised as one of finest singer/pianists around.

With her powerful, bluesy, soulful voice, Liane is now considered by many to be one of the UK’s top jazz singers, if not the world, and is enjoying huge critical acclaim.

She absolutely fills the room with warmth, playfulness and her wicked sense of humour and you’ll love it. 

Full of passion, you'll feel like you've known her all your life, as she lifts you up and brings you back down gently, playing with your emotions with an effortless talent that will leave you relishing the thought of her next visit.

She is also the  first artist ever to win two BBC Jazz awards in the same year, for Best Vocalist and Best of Jazz.


"Exquisite, I just can't tire of listening to this." Mr Scallywag

“Liane Carroll…she seems in some magical way to be made out of music” The Observer; “..swinging like hell one minute, brutally expressive and heartbreakingly tender the next…utterly brilliant” Time Out; “A jazz force to be reckoned with…the real thing” The Independent; …world class” Guardian

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