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Earl Okin has always been one of the UK's finest Classic Jazz and Bossa Nova singers, and quite an influence on some of today's best known British Jazz vocalists. His own guitar and piano accompaniments are likewise subtle and ultra-musical while his famous 'vocal trumpet' solos are unique and his own songs world-class. By the laws of 'showbiz', he officially becomes a 'legend' as he turned 70yo in 2017. Somehow, however, like all the finest artistes, he seems timeless. If you've seen him before you'll know all of this already, but if not, a treat awaits you. Don't miss this Show 

"You are quite a genius you are - you have managed to find a niche in Cabaret I have never seen nor heard before - you are simply brilliant. Hard to categorize - musician/comedian or what - I guess you are anything the audience wants to categorize you as long as they book you. One must see you in person to "get you" - even though your musicianship is fantastic!!! Your guitar and especially piano playing is thrilling in all the genres! One thing I gleaned from your performance is that one must "experience you" - live - "where you live - you need an audience! Those little nuances you have in your "kit" needs people to experience them.."



(Legendary producer/arranger of the Ella Fitzgerald 'Songbook' series, who has worked with just about everybody..from Sammy Davis Jr. to Bing Crosby, etc...)

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